Weekly 6/1/18 thru 6/30/18. M - F, 10:00am to 6:00,pm.

Popcorn Fundraiser

Popcorn! Popcorn! Read all about it!

Hello everyone! Beginning 6/01/2018 through 6/30/2018, The Popcorn Station is sponsoring a Kidney Transplant Fundraiser for my sweetie Rev. C. Eugene McCarrell. During the first week of June, they will have the "flavor of the week" special. It is called Tuxedo (Carmel popcorn with White and Dark Chocolate drizzle). Yummy! They have so many wonderful, tasty flavors, but if you're traditional they have Butter with/without salt.
In addtion to their wonderful popcorn flavors they carry a variety of seasoned nuts.

Please help us have a successful fundraiser through your support and by spreading the word to those you know who love popcorn. If you live out of state and would love to purchase some delicious popcorn, just call (405) 610-2039 to place your order and they will ship it to you!

**The cost of your order will vary depending on your popcorn and/or nuts selection(s).

Thanks in advance for all your help!

GOD Bless!