Now through December 31,2018 Warrior Momz Walk- Move for Movement Campaign-Honoring ORION

Move for Movement (Therapy) - 50 Day Challenge

I am committing 50 Days of exercise activity to raise funds for Orion's ongoing therapy, and to raise awareness for the vital activity-based therapy he and others living with spinal cord injuries (SCI) need. We are counting "days" because we take life one day at a time. Orion has worked hard the past 2 years with a variety of exceptional trainers. Funds are needed to ensure that he can continue his progress and keep it up.

Kay Ledson, who led the Inaugural Warrior Momz Walk across America, has urged all affected by SCI to take "self-care time" for wellness while raising funds for the ongoing therapy that their loved ones need. Participants will total miles to "virtually" walk from the West Coast to the East Coast celebrating the Warrior Momz Walk of 2017/18.

I, along with anyone who wants to move in honor of Orion can walk, run, bike, swim, treadmill etc..and add miles to the collective total to "virtually" walk from the West coast to the East Coast.

Support Orion and this campaign by:
1- Make a pledge: Flat or per day pledge
Your pledge will help Orion continue the therapy he needs. (
2- Join Team Orion Wiggle Your Toes, gather pledges in honor of Orion AND tally your miles of activity.
3- Unable to pledge?...That's OK too!
Commit your exercise in honor of Team Orion Wiggle Your Toes.
Convert your activity to miles. 2,000 steps = 1 mile (

Add your miles to the collective goal of "virtually" walking across America for SCI !
Submit weekly miles on this form or
email to [email protected]

JOIN ANYTIME! Invite your friends

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