November 17, 2018; 6:00pm

Stacy's Next Step Mice Race Fundraiser

Tickets will include beer and chili. Additional drinks can be purchased at a reasonable cost at the VFW.

There will also be a Chinese Auction of multiple prizes which will be $2 a ticket or $5 for 6 tickets or $10 for 12 tickets. A 50/50 drawing will take place as well. We are looking for donations for the auction as well, if you have some items to donate to create a basket or a standalone prize, we would appreciate it!

*** We are looking for businesses to donate anything that would help promote the Chinese Auction. Gift cards, tickets, shirts, jerseys, services - i.e. massages, nails, hair. Alcohol, passes to bowling, concerts, sports memorabilia etc. Create a basket of goods to donate!

You can buy a mouse or you can simply gamble on your favorite mouse based off clever name, your friend or family purchased etc. Prior to the races, odds will be calculated to determine payouts to those holding the lucky tickets for the mouse you gambled upon.

** To sponsor a mouse there will be a minimum $50 donation ALSO you will be able to name of your mouse. So please add mouse name on registration info.

** You also have an opportunity to sponsor a mouse race. The minimum donation to sponsor a race is $100.00. There are only 10 races so the opportunity to sponsor a race will be first come first serve!

These mice and sponsorships will go quickly, once filled - we can accept donations or simply pay $20.00 at the door and join the fun!