Chelsea's Home

Chelsea continues to fight every day through the medical issues and strives for the advancement in her recovery.
As if things were not difficult enough for our family....we now have 2 months to find a new home to rent. I have researched many avenues for assistance from state or federal agencies. Voucher programs to help financially are non-existent. Housing assistance for the disabled is also closed. When I put Chelsea on the list 3 years ago, there was a 12-year waiting list! I do not know how we or anyone disabled can move forward. The options seem to always lead to an assisted living facility.
We were fortunate to rent a family home for the last few years at a discounted rate. I was able to retrofit temporary accessibilities for Chelsea. When you own your home you have the ability to do the necessary accessibility remodel.
I am reaching out for help with our new home. We will need help with all kinds of things! Moving, boxes, packing, trucks...and of course financially.