February 29, 2020

2nd Annual Golden Spades Tournament 2020

Golden Spades Tournament will see who can have the bragging rights for the year.
Doors Open : 5pm
Tournament Begins (sharp) 6pm

Rule Benders(Cheats) $20 each this may help your advantage in the game.
Change the Order of Play: Normally, in the tournament, the person to the left of the dealer has to play their card first; thereafter, the person who wins a hand has to play the first card. When you use a cheat, you can change the order in which a hand is played, allowing you the opportunity to play your hand first, last, or somewhere in between. A real spades player can use this option to their advantage.
30 Second Time Out: You will be allowed 30 sec to communicate with your partner strategy. You cannot show your partner your hand and your cards must remain faced down on the table.
Swap a Card: you and your partner can swap one card (that you want to get rid of) with each person on the opposing team. Then the people on the opposing team will lay their cards faced down on the table. You and your partner will then take a card from each person on the opposing team, and give them the cards that you want to get rid of in return This option can only be used at the beginning of each round.
Bid 6 in Blind: This can only be done at the beginning of the hand b4 any cards are dealt. If you get your 6 books you will get 120 points. If you do not you subtract 60 pts.

If you are playing in tournament and late you will forfeit your chance to play in the tournament.
Grand Prize for Winners and door prizes will be given.
Those not playing in tournament can also enjoy games, food, fun and much more. You do not have to play spades to attend.
This event is open to all.

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