Surviving A Liver Transplant During COVID-19

Rick Wolynski received a miraculous liver transplant on February 22nd, 2020. Rick was released early from Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia on March 18th due to concerns about COVID-19. Rick & Lu have been out of work for many weeks, and depend solely on Social Security for their income until they are able to return to work. The medical costs covered by Medicare are only 80%. Rick & Lu live in Southern Delaware. The transplant journey requires many weeks of return visits to Philadelphia for continued medical care, which includes travel, lodging and many other necessary expenses. Rick will also be on life-saving medications for the rest of his life, which can be very costly.

COVID-19 has introduced some serious hurdles for them, but none that they would not do for each other. They are grateful for their wonderful friends and family during this unprecedented health crisis, and encourage everyone to stay at home, stay safe, and wash, wash, wash your hands! Your donation of any kind is greatly appreciated.