Fund An Ongoing Need

Since Stephan’s accident in 2015, we have been blessed to have multiple fundraisers, grants, programs and donations to help us obtain: Stairlift, Hill Rom Fully Electric Hospital Bed, Home Repairs to make house wheelchair accessible, transportation cost, and so much more.

We were able to obtain a Personal Care Aid for some of the time but, due to cost being so expensive we had to stop the service.

Now, we have finally been approved for a state program that will pay for all of Stephan’s medical, therapeutic, social and home health services. This program is for 55 and over with physical, mental and functional impairments. The purpose is to help restore or maintain optimal capacity of self-care.
The services provided include but not limited to:
• All medications
• Home and Onsite Nursing
• Home and Onsite recreational activities
• Physical and Occupational therapy
• Social Work Services
• Nutritional counseling
• Home and Onsite Personal care services
• Transportation to and from the center, medical appointments and field trips
• On site breakfast, snacks and lunch
• Vision and Dental
• Durable Medical Equipment
• Emergency and Hospital Services

We are blessed to have been approved for a program that will provide hubby with all the services he needs.

As you can see this program offers so much that will help Stephan improve his continued recovery from a Spinal Cord Injury. The 4-wheeler accident in 2015 changed his life completely and now we have help to get him back moving in the right direction on a continuous basis.

We qualified for a reduction in the monthly premium to about $350 a month. The normal cost for this program is over $4500 a month. Your help is needed for him to stay in the program for at least a year. Even-though we are approved for program, it is a volunteer program and either we could cancel or the center if premiums are not paid. Each year we must qualify.

Stephan has been approved and evaluated to drive again with hand controls. We are also working on getting a wheelchair accessible vehicle. The cost of the modifications is around $25K to $40K and this does not include the vehicle.

Please know that all donations must be made on the campaign website or mailed in due to Medicare/Medicaid guidelines. All funds will be housed with Help Hope Live on our behalf and they will pay the premium or any other medical related expense for us. Because Help Hope Live maintains discretion over the funds we raise, they will not likely jeopardize our eligibility to qualify for this program.