September 01, 2020

Fundraising for Declan to get an adaptive bike!

Hey friends!

At the beginning of this year our current PT clinic tried to work with a non-profit company to get Declan a bike after getting denied from CAP/C (a state assistance program) for a third time. Due to the circumstances of COVID-19 the non-profit shut down and is not not taking applications for their grants for the unforeseen future. After considering all of our options to still be able to get Declan a bike we knew it was time to ask for help. Declan currently rides an adaptive bike twice a week at the PT clinic we go to. Every day he sees his little sister on her balance bike and constantly asks us to "ride bike". He is determined to feel included and we are determined to give it to him.

Every little amount helps as we hope to work with Freedom Concepts to get Declan an adaptive bike that will last until he is about 9-10 years old.