Fund a Critical Need

A Note from Debora -

As a blessed double lung transplant recipient I am used to social distancing and isolation, but this global pandemic has presented me with new challenges and medical costs I cannot meet alone.

I remain hopeful. I have the most incredible community of support – if you’re reading this, chances are you’re a BIG part of it! In light of COVID-19, so many friends and family have reached out to see how I’m surviving and how they can help. Those closest to me know that while COVID-19 cancelled most things, it unfortunately did not cancel my need for a transplant or the mountain of medical bills I’m facing.

– My required weekly trips to hospital/transplant team appointments (co-pay, travel expense, parking)

– My frequent doctor’s appointments are now handled mostly by phone (same high co-pay)

– My medications and groceries must be delivered, sanitized, and stockpiled (just in case stricter stay-at-home
orders are put in place)…can we talk about the high cost of cleaning supplies?!

Day by day, like all of you, I’m adapting to this new normal and the new costs that come with it. If you have the capacity to give right now to help me over this next hurdle in my transplant journey, I would be forever humbled and grateful for your support. I’ve listed a few of my most critical needs below just to give you an idea of what your donation to Help Hope Live could help pay for on my behalf.

My Hope is not cancelled!!