April 03, 2022; 7:00 PM

Campus Superstar Cincinnati

Campus Superstar Cincinnati presented by Cincinnati Hillel is an exciting singing competition showcasing our region's superb talent! All contestants are full-time, local, undergraduate students who have passed multiple auditions for the chance to compete against their peers for a $5,000 cash prize.


In October of 2020, Lauren Shmalo Berg, an active vibrant mother of 2, suffered a devastating C3 spinal cord injury as the result of a fall. After CPR, weeks in the ICU, multiple surgeries and 3-1/2 months at the Shepherd Institute in Atlanta, Lauren is now home with her husband, Justin, her 1-1/2 year old son, Isaac, and her 3-1/2 year old daughter, Lia.

Prior to the accident, Lauren was an accomplished singer, dancer, actress, Pilates/Zumbini instructor, preschool teacher, and competitive figure skater who had been featured on the classic MTV show “Made.” In showbiz lingo, Lauren was a triple threat.

Giving up has never been an option for Lauren and her remarkable attributes have had a huge impact on the lives of many. However, what people remember about Lauren is not what she did or said - it is the way Lauren made them feel. Lauren has the innate ability to recognize the beauty and potential in everyone she meets.

Given all of Lauren’s accomplishments, it should come as no surprise that she has a special connection to Cincinnati Hillel and our annual Campus Superstar fundraiser. Beginning with the first show in 2016, Lauren selflessly gave her time managing auditions, creating choreography, coaching contestants, and as if that wasn’t enough, she also tapped into her showbiz roots to serve as Emcee for many years.

Without her help, creativity, dedication, and countless volunteer hours, our show could not have been so successful and for this, Hillel will always be profoundly grateful.

Lauren has already made tremendous strides and with the support of her incredible team of doctors, therapists, family, and friends, she has every intention of making a full recovery. Lauren continues to face her recovery the same way she’s faced everything else in her life: with a big smile, fierce determination, a wicked sense of humor, and unwavering optimism. She now feels sensation all throughout her body and has regained some movement in her limbs - recently writing, “I love you” in a note to her children. Throughout Lauren’s whole journey, her husband, her family and her friends have helped non-stop with childcare, meals, housekeeping, therapies, and necessary home renovations. Doctors, nurses, therapists and aides have been hired to assist Lauren and now, she needs our help.

Lauren’s journey to recovery comes with an exorbitant price tag, much of which is NOT covered by medical insurance. As a result, Cincinnati Hillel will be giving Lauren 50% of all new gifts and gift increases for this year’s event. All contributions made to Help Hope Live are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law and are used specifically for Lauren’s uninsured medical and injury related expenses.